Building Condo in Phuket

Building Condominium Units in Phuket

If you have ever considered building to buying a condominium block in Phuket or for that matter a very large house. You might not know one of the most hidden laws that nobody ever speaks about.  It’s the 80-meter law! There is always talk about visas laws and immigration changes and from time to time expats might talk about property in Thailand. One law that nobody appears to know much about is the 80-meter law in Phuket. It might appear strange at first and only become important when you decide to renovate or extend that the police will remind you of this law.

The law prohibits building construction anywhere 80 meters or above mean sea level. This includes making alterations that would result in a structure exceeding the 80-meter limit. Odd? Well, it appears that some people have heard of the 80 meter law but for the most part this would be the first time you are hearing about it. It’s strange but clearly, Phuket does not want to have a mini Dubai with skyscrapers on the island. The law is strictly enforced I am told and should you go over the limit, the local municipality will give you notice to reduce the height of the building. Now, like much of Thailand, there is an additional clause. If the building was constructed before the law came into being then it will be allowed. One catch though – it may not be used for commercial purposes!

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