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Bangkok Solicitors in Thailand

Need to find a Bangkok solicitor in Thailand for all your needs? Speak to us online on our main website or call our tollfree UK telephone number.  With offices in all the main cities of Thailand we can help you or your Thai wife or fiancee today. See our main website for more details. Speak […]


Building Condominium Units in Phuket

If you have ever considered building to buying a condominum block in Phuket, or for that matter a very large house. You might not know one of the most hidden laws that nobody ever speaks about.  Its the 80 meter law! There is always talk about visas laws and immigration changes and from time to […]


Buying a house in Thailand

Buying a house in Thailand can be a tricky affair when one considers that only a Thai can buy land or a house in Thailand. For many years expats have used a Thai company or their wife to hold the property in their names. Nominee holders are used so lets look at the most common […]


Buying Real Estate with a Nominee

Buying property in Thailand is easy if you simply want to buy a condominium. The rules are set and easy enough to understand. The problems tend to arise when you want to buy a house, land or a condominium where there are already too many expat owners. According to the Department of Business Development (DBD) […]


Thailand Property Prices Increase

Even with the global financial crisis at hand, the property market in Thailand is still on the up. Property prices in Bangkok have been up in price by some 30% over the past 4 years. Buying property or any real estate in Thailand is always a good investment. This year the average housing price in […]